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The Archive of Life: Capturing our Precious Moments in Art

Naomi Serkin loves planning for any kind of party. As an event planner, her mission is to provide her clients with a great experience and to get inside their heads to make it happen. Two and a half years ago, Naomi and her husband were at the centre of their own special event, as they welcomed their baby daughter into their lives. Before (and after) their wee one arrived, I had the great privilege of welcoming Naomi and her family for a few photo shoots. Now, I have the pleasure of introducing her to you, and sharing some photographs of her beautiful family.

Having worked with both David and I many times through her business, we already had a comfortable relationship with Naomi. From the beginning, she told me she felt confident that we would understand her vision. "There are so many talented photographers, so it just came down to finding the right fit for my family." she said. "This 'right fit' is not just about the style of photography you are looking for, but also your relationship with the photographer."

I continue to consider Naomi's words the ultimate compliment: "Storey and David are more in the background, allowing you to do your thing while they capture it," she said. "With Storey, it's not a contrived shoot. They do not dictate what you do or wear. They make your story come to life through photography and they are really true to our family."

Each photo shoot has been a wonderful experience from my end as well. Naomi recalled us "laughing so hard," during photo shoots, and David and I have adored watching her family grow. We did a maternity shoot and a shoot after Piper was born. Naomi called me again at the 8 month mark to capture her daughter's "rolly polly" stage (how cute is she?) and then again at the first year mark.

I know that Naomi is grateful to have the photos, and she has told me that she would love to have a professional photographer on hand every day to continue capturing each precious moment. An important lesson to learn from Naomi is that these photographs are a treasure. "Your children grow so quickly, and the pictures are so special. In this digital age, Storey's photos are so different from a photo taken with your cell phone. Storey and David are true artists."

"As an event planner, I consider it a great honour to be a part of people's day," Naomi explained. When she told me that she "sees that same approach and enthusiasm in" David and I, I was delighted. Every wedding, every moment, person, couple and family is special for us too. I am filled with gratitude for the families that continue to welcome me into their lives, and into their intimate moments. I hope to continue being able to capture Naomi's lovely family.

Naomi Serkin is an event planner who has been in the wedding industry over the last 20 years and has been running her own business for the last ten years. She feels very fortunate to be in the business she's in, and to have found a balance between her family life and her business. To Contact Naomi for your next event, you can reach her at 416-567-5530.