Storey Wilkins Photography

TORONTO WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY by Storey Wilkins: For Toronto's Loveliest Couples

- "One of the 30 Most Inspiring Wedding Photographers, Wedding Bells Magazine.

The Heart of a Wedding

Your wedding represents day ONE of your new family. It would be a great honor for me, and a cherished responsibility, to photograph your wedding day.

Images with a Story

My approach to your wedding is to make as many lovely story-telling images as I can in the time that we have together: your love for each other, the joyous moments, the interactions with family and friends, the energy and the atmosphere are all important to capture in a unique and real way.

Timeless Style

As well as recording those priceless moments, I will create a variety of elegantly arranged, timeless group photographs of you with your families, bridal party and other honored guests. All through this I will also artistically record the ambiance and details of your dress, suit, décor and overall environment.

Strong Reputation

My strong reputation in the industry is based not only on my quality photography but my ability to make each of my clients feel completely comfortable in front of the camera.

It's very much your day. I work closely with the two of you and your planner to make sure that I can achieve the high standard of professional photography I am known for, in as relaxed an atmosphere as possible.

Please VIEW MY PORTFOLIO and CONTACT ME to arrange an appointment. I am currently booking 2019 & 2020 weddings and would love to speak with you about your wedding.


Fees begin at $300 per hour plus tax for the photography and start at $1000 plus tax for the collection of digital images. Our gorgeous timeless wedding albums begin at $1800 plus tax. Please CONTACT ME to request more details about my services and fees. I am happy to create a custom solution for you based on your preferences.


What happens when the wedding photography agreement is signed?

Who owns the copyright of the photographs taken at my wedding?

Any advice you can share for reducing stress on a wedding day?

Do we get all the digital 'photographs'? What about the rejects?

If I have the digital photographs, why would I get you to make prints for me?

What does the 'Artists Choice' album that you include in the cost mean exactly?

How long does it take to get my photographs and wedding album after the wedding?

We know some great locations can require permits - what's the process?

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What about a 'shot list' - is that useful?

You require a Photographer's Agenda. What is this?

How do you feel about other people taking pictures?

Do we need to feed you at the wedding?

Do you make black & white images?

Do I need to pay extra if the wedding is out of town?

How long do I have to order my prints, etc. after the wedding day?

Shipping and handling?

Can you recommend a great event planner?